Grappone in the Community


Empowering Community Involvement

In New Hampshire, we value volunteerism and community connections. At Grappone Automotive Group, we empower our team to engage with their communities, whether it's revitalizing parks, supporting schools, or helping those in need. We're proud of our team members' talent sharing and skill-building."

Mar 30, 2022   •  Concord, NH 

Pinkerton Academy Student Mentorship

Robert, a student at Pinkerton Academy, is mentoring with Grappone Automotive. The mentorship between technician and student provides the mentee with hands-on experience without having to throw down a large amount of money. Students get to explore whether this is something they would want to pursue, without the pressure. Many of Grappone’s master technicians were once students mentoring under former technicians and through programs like this, we will continue to keep the trades alive in NH.

Dec 12, 2019   •  Concord, NH 

Concord Community Music School

The Concord Community Music School looks for the best artists they can assemble to connect with anyone looking to learn. Removing the common barriers people face when learning music, this non-profit strives to serve all – regardless of musical experience, income, ability, or geography. If you are interested in learning more about music, there is something here for you!”

Nov 1, 2019   •  Concord, NH 

Community Loan Fund

Neighbors helping neighbors, the Community Loan Fund was created with the idea that people lack access to capital. There is a lot of money owned or managed by people who would like to put it to work towards basic human needs and simply need a way to do it. The Community Loan Fund serves by making that happen. 

Oct 15, 2019  • Bedford, NH 

Animal Rescue League of NH

At the Animal Rescue League of NH, the team works around the clock to improve animal welfare in the community by helping pets and the people who care for them. This non-profit staffs a third of the state’s shelter-based animal cruelty investigators and hosts an on-staff veterinarian to provide responsive care these animals need. Learn more about all there is to  love about this team in our youtube video showcasing this phenomenal organization.

Oct 9, 2019   • Concord, NH 

NH Humanities

NH Humanities is a non-profit organization that creates a safe space for difficult and complex conversations that we need to have. Playing three major roles; convener, funder, and catalyst for positive systems change in our community, NH Humanities is creating big changes in the state of NH.

Oct 4, 2019   • Concord, NH 

Capitol Center for the Arts

The Capitol Center for the Arts brings artists and audiences together to inspire, educate, entertain, and strengthen community bonds. Former executive director Nicolette Clarke talks about renovations, the second addition to Main Street, and how to support their mission.

Sep 5, 2019   •  Concord, NH 

Boys and Girls Club of Central NH

The Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Central NH believes in creating an emotionally and physically safe space for children, positive role models on campus, and giving kids the confidence to try new things. Hear more about that and how to support or get involved!

Aug 6, 2019   •  Manchester, NH 

Easterseals New Hampshire

Easterseals serves hundreds of people across New Hampshire by providing services that include childcare, veteran support, and Alzheimer's care. These services are offered affordably through subsidies and donations. Grappone Automotive Group and Easterseals have a long history, and we are a proud supporter of this organization.

Jul 22, 2019   •  Concord, NH 

Community College Systems of New Hampshire

At the Community College System of NH, over 4,000 students have access to higher education every year. This mission-centric organization designed every program to meet the community’s workforce needs. We are proud to have had many student apprentices train at Grappone Automotive Group, some of which became full-time team members here at our dealerships. 

Jun 6, 2019   • Concord, NH 

5 Rivers Conservation Trust at Diamond Hill Farm

5 Rivers Conservation Trust is the land trust for Concord and 16 surrounding towns. They work with landowners and communities to conserve the area’s most important lands, including Diamond Hill Farm, a popular part of the West End Farm Trail.

May 13, 2019   • Canterbury, NH 

The Dewey School and Shaker Village

Tucked in the heart of the Shaker community, The Dewey School provides the ideal nature-based learning environment for children to explore daily. Inspired by a Reggio Emilia Approach to learning, children and teachers are co-constructors of knowledge.